Digital Stress

Digital Stress Digital stress is stress caused by negative interactions with digital technologies including emails, texts, social media, smart phones, and other technical applications. There are basically two types of digital stress- Type 1 & Type 2. Type 1 This type of digital stress occurs due to hostility, meanness, and cruelty. It comes with three types of stressors. Harassing personal attacks: Hateful messages directed at an individual. Public shaming and humiliation...

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COVID and Hair Loss Due to Stress and Anxiety

COVID and Hair Loss Due to Stress and Anxiety We are going through the COVID-19 pandemic. The symptoms often associated with COVID-19 are fever, aches, loss of smell & taste, and shortness of breath. But there are several other symptoms including one is hair loss. Hair loss is one of the common symptoms in people who have recovered from COVID-19. It is considered as a potential long-term effect of COVID-19. Why COVID-19 causes hair loss? Telogen Effluvium (TE) is a type of temporary ha...

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Burden of Stress and Anxiety in Skin Conditions

Burden of Stress and Anxiety in Skin Conditions Whether it is emotional, mental, or physicalstress, it is an inevitable part of today’s modern-daylife. Stress starts with your mind, but it affects the entire body. Although it is easy to manage mild stress such as a minor work or family-relatedstress, the real problem starts when it becomes chronic. Prolonged, chronic stress can make your immune system, hormones, digestive tract, and metabolismworse. Chronic stress may trigger disease...

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4 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Life can be stressful at times. Stress is caused by various factors that differ at various stages of life. It can be due to waking up super early for school, studying late at night, balancing between life and work, or weighing an important decision. There are many ways to cope up with stress. Talking with friends, exercising, and seeing a counselor is just a few. Yoga is one such way that helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation. It also benefits three aspects of ourselves affected by stre...

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Tips for managing psoriasis in winter

Psoriasis, a non-contagious skin disorder, results in red, scaly patches on the skin. These patches can appear on any part of the skin, especially on the elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp. At times, people who have psoriasis notice seasonal changes that severe their condition, resulting in a worsening of symptoms during the winter season. The cold months with its dry air, cold temperature, reduced exposure to sunlight, and inadequate hydration can contribute to a flare-up. Although there is n...

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4 tips to improve your sleep

Sleep is crucial for muscle recovery and for preparing your body to operate at full speed the next day. Thus, sleep can be considered as a Force Multiplier. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, making it a powerful tool which is when leveraged in the right way can improve the quality of your life. Here are a few things you should focus on to take control of your sleep and improve it in every possible way. Set up a sleep schedule: Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same t...

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