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New Normal added Stress to our lives
Regular work schedules, deadlinesand clear organization structure keep co-workers, bosses andclients happy.These days, work-from-home due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made harder for professionalsto keep routines on track. Work from Home (WFH) leads to disruption of the regular working experience that causes increased and ongoing stress for many.

Work from Home and Elevated Stress
•The biggest stress for thoseworking from home is the change in routine and structure. Whenever people’s routines or expectations change significantly, it tends to cause stressin people. It’s the natural wayour bodies work.
•Challenges facing by working from home professionals during the coronavirus pandemic include getting familiarize to new technologies, like Zoom and teleconferencing. In addition to the challengesof learning new skills, the need of virtual communication reduces face-to-face personal interactionthat causes individual anxiety and stress.
•Workingat home with spouse, children, and parentsmeansmore distractions. Workfrom home professionalsfeel they are less productive, which is also a cause of stress.
•Many employees also need to meet the demands of their working lives with their family responsibilities that even on working days that causes more stress.
These factors cause the increased levels of stress for Work from Homeprofessionals. If you havemassive disruptions while working at home, you can experience some sort of stress.This stress will persist until you get the things donein the way you want to get it done.

Tips to ward off depression while working from home
Working from home is quite tough. Let’s go through some key tips to reduce stress.
1.Call a friend
Talk to your friend over phone, message him/her about your day or voice chat online. By only hearingthe voice of a friend or family member help you feel more connected and relaxed. It helpsget away from feelings of isolation.
2.Write down your goals
If you are working from home, you may not be able to obtain the desired productivity in your work that’s the primary cause of stress and anxiety. You may list down the measurable goals that help you visualize what you want to achieve.
3.Create a daily schedule
You canlose track of time when you arenot working from office. Creating work schedule on a daily basishelps get your tasks done on-time and by managing time efficiently, you can take breaks to maintain your mental health.
4.Take time to meditate
With meditation, you feel claim and balanced, which further help improve your overall well-being.If you have a few minutes for meditation, even then go for it while working from home.
5.Go for a walk
Going for a walk gives boost to yourmental and physical health. Daily, brisk walking help lift your mood.

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