Introducing Nixiyax Capsules which contains alpha casein hydrolysate with relaxing properties

One capsule a day, keeps your stress at bay

About Nixiyax

What is Nixiyax ?

Nixiyax is a new and unique food supplement made of milk protein (Alpha Casein ) hydrolysate that reduces stress.

How does Nixiyax work in managing stress?

Nixiyax potentiates the effect of GABA ( Gamma amino butyric acid) by binding to the GABA-A receptors and thereby opening the chloride channel. The influx of negatively charged chloride ions hyperpolarises the cell and decreases the transmission of stress signals

Is Nixiyax safe for you?

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed that Nixiyax (Lactium) is completely harmless, non-addictive and has zero side effects. It is proven to be safe even for lactose intolerant people. A food supplement that can be taken daily, FDA registered.


Stress is a natural physiological reaction which everyone experiences.

Stress can also be "good".

Lactium® is the ideal companion to help you live a more harmonious life.


In some situations, stress can be your best friend. It enables you to forge ahead. Without this reaction, your ancestors would never have left their caves! It gives you adrenalin, the energy required to avoid danger, pass an exam, take on a sporting challenge, overcome your nerves before speaking in public or make a decision when confronted with a problem. And all this regardless of your age or gender!

However, depending on your emotional state, other situations can generate a type of stress which is more harmful and difficult to manage. For example, when your are experiencing a difficult situation at work, a separation, general burnout, a hard time quitting smoking, etc. Symptoms can soon become apparent and include insomnia, stomachaches and headaches, fatigue, irritability, shortness of breath, the sweats, low morale, snacking, difficulties with concentration or memory, etc. It is then time to react and do something because, in the long term, these symptoms pose a significant risk to your health (e.g. high blood pressure, dermatological diseases, depression, anxiety or illness).

Clinically Proven Efficiency

Lactium® has no side-effects, in terms of sedation or addiction. Lactium® is a hypoallergenic, hydrolyzed milk protein. It is all-natural and has no toxic effect on the body, even at high doses.

In combination with a healthy lifestyle, the correct dosage of Lactium® can gently help restore your well-being and support your current undergoing treatment.


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Is NIXIYAX® safe?

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Lactium is a new and unique food supplement made of milk protein (Alpha Casein) hydrolysate that reduces stress.

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